A year ago today, I was back home in Lima with my family getting ready to celebrate the 50 years of marriage of my parents.  It was a ceremony and party that we were preparing for a long time, but we never knew how big would end up being. Honestly,  the celebration was like a real wedding. Trust me when I say that at first my dad and mom wanted something small and intimate but then they decided to bring a wedding planner to help them to organize the whole event.
My parents got married when they were 19 years old. They had four kids my sister Pilar, my brother Javier, myself and after 13 my brother Saul. My siblings gave to my parents eight grandchildren (in the picture only appearing seven cause one of my nephews couldn’t come from Argentina.)
Celebrating with your parents their Golden Anniversary is like being at their wedding 50 years ago. It was an emotional and beautiful moment to spend with them and their friends who attend their wedding first wedding.
For sure this will be a memory that will hold an extraordinary moment in my life.
Today is their 51 years of marriage, and I wish them many years more.. Love them